4 day yoga festival celebrating the
teachings of Vanda Scaravelli
- Tuscany 2019

Celebrating Vanda 2019

What to bring?

You will need a Yoga mat, reuseable water container or bottle, a light blanket, an eyebag and cushion if you have them.

Please note there is a limited amount of yoga equipment in the studio.

  • Arrival Sunday 28th July

    Please register from 12 noon at the:

    Centro Civico Mannelli
    Via B. Buozzi, 11
    57021 Campiglia Marittima LI, Italy
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    4:30pm - 7pm Welcome circle & practice with Tracy Bickley.

  • Monday 29th July

    Garden available for meditation from 6am

    8am - 11am Yoga Classes

    5pm - 7pm Yoga Classes

    Yoga Sessions are with Tanya Love

  • Tuesday 30th July

    Garden available for meditation from 6am

    8am - 11am Yoga Classes

    5pm - 7pm Yoga Classes

    Yoga Sessions are with Christina Natoli

  • Wednesday 31st July

    Garden available for meditation from 6am

    8am - 11am Yoga Classes

    5pm - 7pm Yoga Classes

    Yoga Sessions are with Sandra & Michal

  • Thursday 1st August

    Garden available for meditation from 6am

    8am - 11am Yoga Classes

    5pm - 7pm Yoga Classes

    Yoga Sessions are with Sandra & Michal

  • Friday 2nd August

    8am Closing Circle, Meditation & Pranayama

    10am Checkout

During your stay

Please contact Tracy on the details below.

(UK Mobile) +44 (0)7929 453169
email bickleytracy@gmail.com

This year workshops will be given by four Yoga teachers inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.

Sandra Sabatini

Sandra Sabatini started to study yoga in Florence with Dona Holleman in 1975 and was part of her group of yoga teachers for some years, which met at Bacchereto, where Dona lived and Sandra soon moved. It was a wonderful time of discovery. Some years later she met Vanda Scaravelli and began a journey under her guidance which has not ended. In those years many teachers were seeking a wise and intelligent voice able to instil the fascination of sensing and listening into yoga. Vanda reawakened the intense passion for practice in her pupils that also animated her.

In 1986 Sandra was invited to London by Mary Stewart to show her many pupils the approach Vanda had developed in teaching yoga. 'No ambition and infinite time', she often repeated, to keep the practice utterly simple. Later, in retreats offered by Thich Nhat Hanh, Sandra discovered the walking meditation again which Vanda had practiced all along the road to Fiesole, and brought this into her practice. For more than 42 years Sandra has been teaching in Germany, England, Finland, Israel and most recently in India.

Sandra will be supported by Michal Havkin.

*Photograph by Nurith Wagner-Strauss

Cristina Natoli

I approached yoga practise in 1985 in Rome were I used to live.

In 1991 I moved and live to Tuscany and in 1993 I met Sandra Sabatini and I had the feeling to have met just what I was looking for.

My studio is placed in Pisa and I lead weekly yoga lessons each day and intensive meeting in the weekend during the year.

Sandra taught me to practise yoga feeling alive : no forcing, no performance, just the quality of presence that allows me to respect the body as it is at the moment,moving with it and not against it. She taught me to increase a deep patience, breathing and waiting for the body answer, that beautiful movement of the spine. It seems to practise as a dance of the body, flowing from an asana to another under the guiding of the breath

I would like to stimulate in my students the way to became free in practising yoga and enjoy each moment of their own practise.

Tanya Love

Tanya teaches an explorative, anatomically intelligent form of yoga, dedicated to listening to your body. Inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli Tanya believes that we can use yoga to find freedom and ease in both movement and stillness.

She has studied anatomy in depth and her practice is influenced by her training in Hakomi, a mindfulness based form of body psychotherapy. She considers yoga to be profoundly therapeutic.

Her teaching is sensitive and her classes are light hearted and inclusive.

Michal Havkin

After more than 30 years of dancing professionally and teaching Modern Dance in Israel and abroad, I found the yoga practice very nutrition and enriching for me. My teacher is Sandra Sabatini (the author of: Breath - The essence of Yoga), who studied with Vanda Scaravelli (the author of: Awakening the Spine), for 18 year in Florence, Italy.

I am studying and teaching with Sandra Sabatini for the past 16 years. I have also studied Buddhism and Feldenkries technique for a few years and find a way of integrating it in my practice and teaching.

The yoga I practice and teach is connecting to the breath, gravity and the space around us. It is a slow moving practice with constant awareness to the breath and the minute changes in our body each and every day. It is about undoing, letting go, releasing, opening and softening with the wish to be quite, to listen.

For the past 16 years, I have been teaching yoga groups and individuals in Israel. Guiding workshops in England, Italy, Canada, USA, Sweden and India.

*Photograph by Nurith Wagner-Strauss

Campiglia Marittima, Tuscany, Italy.

The shops in Italy in general open at 8:30 AM and close at lunch time (12:30) and then re-open at 4:30 PM. This tradition is followed fairly closely in Campiglia. Within the walls of this little village you will find two small general grocery stores, one in the main piazza called Pantani’s (though it has no sign on it) and the other one in Via Roma near the gelato shop. Though neither of these shops has the huge variety of goods that can be found at the larger grocery stores in nearby Venturina, they are good for the little things that will get you through the day. They also cost a bit more.

There are also two green grocers; one in Via Roma in front of the Piazza del Mercato (who also has great local sheep cheeses) and the other one in Piazza Garibaldi next to the bank. Both of these stores sell mainly local produce, the one in Piazza Garibaldi sells mostly their own produce picked fresh every morning. They also sell their own olive oil and have farm fresh eggs too.

There are two bakeries that sell bread and baked goods that they produce. It’s mostly typical white Tuscan unsalted bread though they both offer some different varieties. Panificio Billi is in Via Magenta which is a small side street, the bakery however is practically in Via Roma, the main street that crosses Campiglia from north to south. The other bakery is in Via Cavour, the street that enters the village from above. Pantani’s grocer also sells local bread.

Campiglia’s only butcher shop is in Via Cavour, they are 5th generation butchers located in the same place. They offer everything an Italian butcher should as well as many products they make themselves such as prosciutto, guanciale and pancetta. An experience. There is a computer store in Campiglia in Via Roma, called Micromega. Mostly they do repairs but have accessories as well as laptops and other types of computers.

The chemists shop is called Farmacia Gabrielli and is also in Via Roma, right next to the church. Phone number is 0565-838124. They are open from 8:30 to 12:30 in the morning and from 3:30 to 7:30 in the afternoon.

Bars & Restaurants * large bars have free WIFI

In Campiglia there are numerous cafes or bars as they are also known. Two are right in the main square, Piazza della Republica, and are “Bar la Panca” and “Bacco Bar.” They serve all the typical café fare of Italian cafes as well as light lunches, with really nice sandwiches and salads. Bacco Bar also has excellent gelato. The other cafes are Bar Nesci right near the local police station (Carabinieri) and just outside the sea-side gate of the village there is the fourth café. There is also an excellent pastry shop that also serves café to compliment their tasty pastries, “Margerita”, which is also the name of the proprietor. In the main square there is a shop that makes really good pizza by the slice as well as take-away pizza.

There are several restaurants as well. In Piazza Martiri di Via Fano there is the best pizzeria in the village called “Il Pozzo Lungo” which also has covered outside seating. They have a wood fired oven, the sign of serious pizza. Besides pizza they also offer a full restaurant menu. They open at 6:00 PM and remain open until midnight. Phone: 339-645-9750.

In Via Vecchio Asilo there is “Il Canovaccio” arguably Campiglia’s best restaurant. As well as a very refined interior they also have outside seating. In the summer months reservations are required, phone is 335-780-9878 or 0656-838449. Their prices reflect their quality.

Just off the main square is an unique place called “Il Gocetto” with a very interesting interior as well as four outside tables. They are known for their platters of fine cheeses and cold cuts and their rather impressive offering of Tuscan wines. Via Gori 2B 328-024-4043

In the main square, Piazza della Republica there is “La Tavernetta” which has indoor seating as well as a large outside area right on the piazza. They offer traditional Tuscan dishes. Open from 12:30 to 2:00 and then from 7:00 to 11:00. Phone is 0565-838853

In Piazza Garibaldi next to the church there is “La Merenda” which is open for both lunch and dinner. Run by a local family, they offer traditional Italian cooking. No phone.

Right next to the western gate in Via Roma, 2 is “57021 Food & Wine.” Also run by a local family, they have a varied menu that offers seasonal dishes prepared by their excellent chef, Cinzia. 0565-838519

Just outside the seaside gate is Campiglia’s oldest trattoria, “Pizzica” which celebrated its 50th year of service a few years back. They also have the most panoramic dinning room in the entire area. Their kitchen prepares traditional Italian fare. 6:30 PM to midnight. 0565-838383

Not 50 meters away from the above establishment there is “Il Sesto Senso Gourmet” that is literally a hole in the wall but that has outdoor seating. Specializing in local fish and other seasonal dishes, they are quite popular. Reservations are good. 0565-838766.

What would a day in Italy be without excellent gelato? Luckily Campiglia now has its own artisanal gelato. “Gelato di Chiara” in Via Roma. Try it, you’ll become a daily customer.

The Mediterranean Sea

Not far at all from the walls of Campiglia is the Mediterranean Sea, and what beaches there are here! One of the best is to be found at the Gulf of Baratti, truly a stunningly beautiful beach. As it is a gulf, the currents are apparently different from the beaches both north and south of Baratti, which are the typical long beaches that stretch along the coastline for many kilometres. There are no sudden drop offs in the sea floor that can be found at other beaches, no tricky currents nor even many jelly-fish.

Baratti not withstanding, there are wonderful beaches both north and south of it that have more commercial bathing establishments, more restaurants and cafes etc. There’s the beach of Rimigliano and the beach of the Costa Est.

Perched above the gulf of Baratti on a promontory is small village called Popolonia. Nowadays it’s a shadow of what it once was during its period Etruscan grandeur. There is a medieval castle that can be visited as well as a small private museum with some interesting artefacts, including the mummified remains of a slave buried in his chains on the beach of Baratti. There is also a large exhibit connected to the Archaeological Park of the Val di Corina that has a museum and Etruscan tombs that can be visited with a guide. Learn more at this link: www.parchivaldicornia.it

The Archaeological Park of the Val di Cornia also has three highly interesting places to visit in and around Campiglia itself. Of course you’ll be able to see the Rocca from just about anywhere in Campiglia but you can also visit it. Also, only a few kilometres from the village there are two other sites, The Rocca di San Silvestro and the underground mine of Monte Calvi. Both visits require a guide that can be arranged for.


Piombino has a very nice museum that can be visited in about 2 hours. It is part of the Archaeological Park of the Val di Cornia and has some highly interesting pieces that make it worth the effort of getting there.

Despite its rusting steel mill, Piombino is far more than an old factory town. It retains its medieval town centre and has one of Italy’s more interesting public squares, Piazza Bovio, that juts out into the sea affording a stunning view of the island of Elba. There are also many good restaurants in the immediate vicinity. There is regular bus service to Piombino from Campiglia.

Thanks to Mark Mahan for the local knowledge of Campiglia. Mark will also be on hand during the festival to assist with any queries.

During the festival

Silvia Susini will also be offering Feldenkrais

How to get here and where to stay


There is an international airport at Pisa

By Train

From Pisa Airport you can get a train to Pisa Centrale and then onto Campiglia Marittima, the train takes 2hr 20 mins and cost around £12.00

By Car

If driving or hiring a car from Pisa it's about 90km (around 55mins) there is also a toll too


Taxis for Campiglia: Marco Bordin (van) 328-1698061 taxibordin@gmail.com

Acqua Fresca Taxi: 331-3104433


For the best rates on accomodation contact Sara Gabrielli on +339 273 7193 or find out more here

Celebrating the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli

The Seed for my "Celebrating Vanda Festival" was planted around fifteen years ago. It was the last weekend of my two year Yoga teacher training course inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. I had just given birth and thankfully my son who accompanied me slept peacefully throughout Sandra Sabatini's workshop.

At the time I was practising with Sophy Hoare and when I interviewed her for my final essay "In search of Vanda" she suggested that I join her yoga retreat in Italy not far from Vanda's home, where she would be able to take me to visit the home Vanda lived in.

I am grateful to Sophy for introducing me to Italy and incredibly grateful to Sandra for inviting me to Campiglia and all the beautiful friendships that have ensued.

My idea is a simple one, to bring together teachers who have been inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli and invite them to share how these teachings have impacted their practice and their own teaching.

I am incredibly excited about this project and the opportunity to welcome you to Celebrate this work in the beautiful medieval village of Campiglia.

There are so many people working to make this dream come true.

Thank You for sharing.

Love Tracy xx



Vanda Scaravellis book "Awaking the spine" along with other titles "Breath" and "Like a flower" By Sandra Sabatini and "Notes on Yoga: The legacy of Vanda Scaravelli" by Diane Long & Sophie Hoare - published by Pinter Martin are available online.

Teacher Training

If you feel inspired to delve deeper into your Yoga practise, Chloe Fremantle, Anne Marie Zulkehari and Lisa McRory head a UK Yoga Teacher Training course inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli and Mary Stewart.

Contact & Booking

The Festival costs £350.00 and includes all of the yoga sessions. Accomodation, travel and food are not included.
A £50.00 non refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

If you would like to book or if you have any other enquiry please complete your details below.

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